55 Days – Dealing with Infertility

With this blog, I’m trying to keep a balance between keeping it real and oversharing.  It’s hard.  Sometimes good or bad things happen and I think, “does anyone care,” or “is this even worth discussing?”  Sometimes the answer to both is ‘hell no,’ but I wonder about the other times.

I’m not special, nor am I the only person to struggle with certain things – but sometimes I feel as though I am.  So if I can make one person feel not so alone, then I’ll be happy with that.

That being said, here’s some personal stuff that’s been going on… Continue Reading


My First StitchFix – Review

I am, once agian, in the process of updating my wardrobe.  This time, to a versatile, basic, capsule wardrobe – about 40ish pieces.  However, I hate shopping in stores (because I hate trying on clothes and feeling rushed), but I get incredibly overwhelmed when facing the thousands of options online.  For these reasons, in addition to my laziness, have lead me to try StitchFix.

StitchFix is an online styling service.  How it works is: Continue Reading


Korean Skincare

Before I went to Seoul, StinkBrain asked me what I wanted to get while I was there.  I had no idea what I wanted or what was worth getting in South Korea.  He said “lookup skincare stuff, I think it’s a big deal here.”  Boy, he wasn’t lying.

To say that skincare in South Korea is a big deal is an understatement.  Upon googling “Korean Skincare” I fell down the interwebs rabbit hole of blogs, articles, and youtube videos telling me about all the things I needed to buy.  There also a system to it, a 10 step system which sounds daunting- but isn’t.

I made a list of the steps I needed covered, and certain brands that seemed to be popular so I could reference them once I got to Seoul.  I had no problem finding everything I never knew I needed.  In Myeon-dong, there were multiple skincare stores of varying, and the same brands.  You could leave one store, turn the corner, and see another of the same chain – and somehow be convinced that you needed to see if there was anything different in this one.  Also, with every purchase, you get a handful of samples to take home.  This was my favorite thing about shopping in Seoul. Continue Reading


One day in Nara

We only spent one day in Nara but it deserves its own post.  Nara was such a fun experience and a wonderful location for a day trip outside of Kyoto.  It’s only an hour away by train and it’s very easy to get around once you’re there. Continue Reading