The Bid List is Here!

Well, folks, we’ve arrived to the point that I was the most scared nervous excited about – the Bid List!

The bid list is a list of openings available for Foreign Service Officers (FSOs).  Somewhere on this list is where SB and I will be living for two years, and that’s crazy!  This can change – some posts will be added while others are removed, but I’m excited about the possibilities. Continue Reading

Home Sweet Arlington

We’re finally settled into our new apartment in Arlington, VA.

The drive up from Atlanta was… messy.  Sebastian had an accident that left me begging the techs at PetSmart if I could use one of their rooms to clean him up in.  This does not bode well for any overseas trips, so we’ll have to figure something out.  Squeaks quickly accepted her fate and gave up.  But we made here safely. Continue Reading

Pregnant for a day

Trigger warning: miscarriage and pregnancy loss

With that, I’m sure you know where this post is going.  In the spirit of being honest with myself and others, and showing the parts of life that aren’t the pretty “outfit of the day” or diy blog posts. Because while those are fun and bring more traffic, they’re not, in my opinion, an accurate representation of life.

Life is messy. It sucks sometimes, and sometimes life’s a breeze. There are ups and downs and oftentimes there’s not a damn thing you could do to change it.  You handle it in the way you’re familiar with, while life keeps happening.

Continue Reading

55 Days – Dealing with Infertility

With this blog, I’m trying to keep a balance between keeping it real and oversharing.  It’s hard.  Sometimes good or bad things happen and I think, “does anyone care,” or “is this even worth discussing?”  Sometimes the answer to both is ‘hell no,’ but I wonder about the other times.

I’m not special, nor am I the only person to struggle with certain things – but sometimes I feel as though I am.  So if I can make one person feel not so alone, then I’ll be happy with that.

That being said, here’s some personal stuff that’s been going on… Continue Reading