Throwback Thursday – Hair Struggles


This picture was taken two years ago at my mothers birthday party.  Earlier that day I had gotten my hair styled at a Dominican salon for the last time.  Either one of two things happened, 1) This salon was one of the sneaky salons that puts small amounts of chemical relaxers into their products, or 2) The amount of heat they used completely fried my hair.

It’s been a rough two years for me hair wise.  My natural, happy curls turned into sad, bone straight strings.  Once my natural hair started growing back I could only wear my hair in a bun, or straighten it while it transitioned.  I decided to cut it after my wedding last summer, impatient and wanting to see my curls again.

There are still some straight bits left, although if I scrunch enough they sometimes blend in with the rest of my hair.  I usually just pull it back onto a ponytail after blowing it out and go about my day.  I’ll probably get it cut again this summer by a new stylist, Kendall, that seems to love my hair as much as I do.  I get a deep condition, trim, and blow out ever 2 months or so just to check up on my hair health.  The salon Kendall is at also specializes in curly hair, which will be a requirement of any salon I visit from now on.

Maybe this time next year, my hair will resemble its former self.  Until then, I’ll continue to love it and watch it grow.

Also, I’ll post some pics of my curly hair once the weather perks up a bit.  BTW, Happy Spring!

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