The Cherry Blossoms Are Coming!

DC Metro

You wouldn’t think so with the snow today, but DC is going to turn the most delightful shade of pink and I can’t wait!  This Saturday is the kite festival so Hubby and I are going to go and buy a cheap kite from someone and join in with kids young and old.  It’s beautiful, there so many families out with their kids having a blast, you can’t help but to smile.  I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures.  There will also other events over the next three weeks including Japanese art shows, parades, street festivals, fireworks, food, and plenty more to keep us busy.  Despite the hordes of tourist to the area clogging up the Metro and sidewalks, this is my favorite time of year here in DC.

Until then, I’ll sip on some tea and wait for this damn snow to go away.


Update:  Kite acquired, I just couldn’t wait till Saturday to maybe buy a kite 🙂 So excited!

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