Kittenhood Obesity, Pt. 2

A few weeks ago, I bitched and whined about how my baby boy, Sebastian, is fat.  It’s terrible, it’s something I’d never say about my own kids if I had any, but it’s the truth.  He could stand to lose a few pounds and it’s my responsibility to help him.

So what did we do?

First off, we’ve started feeding him out of a ball.  It has small, adjustable holes for his food to come out.  In the morning, I make it easy for him.  It’s early and no one wants to work too hard for their food.  In the evenings, I make the holes just small enough for one piece to get through.  That way, he has to bat it around to get anything out.  This curbs the amount of food he’s eating (I often find little nibblets still there when time for his next feeding) and it makes him move around and work for it, hopefully burning off a few calories in the process.

Also, we now go on walks.

Yep, I walk my cat now and it’s awesome.

He didn’t like the first harness we got him.  I guess it didn’t fit right because he looked like he got stuck in a thong.  So I ordered a new one.  This one  fits more like a vest and he seems to be ok with it.  At first, I just strapped the front of it during feedings.  That way it wasn’t too much on him at once and the food was a nice distraction.  Then, put the whole harness on him and let him do what he wanted.  At first, he just flopped around because HOW DARE I PUT CLOTHES ON HIM.  He wouldn’t move so I brought out his favorite toys in the hopes that he got too excited to play to notice the harness.  He got over it and finally adjusted to his harness.

Now time for the hallway.  Sebastian always tries to run out of the apartment when anyone leaves, so I figured I’d let him, but only with the harness on.  Fatty bolted out the door first chance he got.  He loves it!  He walks by sniffing at all the doors trying to figure out who’s inside and, I imagine, if they have food.  I hooked the leash onto him and he never noticed.  I walked behind him, following his lead and we made it all the way to the elevator.  But that thing was making funky noises and Sebastian was having none of that.

We went for a walk again last night and everything went well.  He only tried to run away from two strangers and plopped down once.  I call that a success.

We’ll be going on more walks, maybe even see what he thinks about stairs, and lobbies, and other slaves people all while *crosses fingers* losing kitty pounds in the process.




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