Getting My Sexy On

Anyone who knows me knows that I abhor the gym, or anything that looks like a gym.  It’s not fun.  It’s too hot or too cold, I hate being sweaty, and I hate other people looking at me run awkwardly.  I occasionally go to yoga, I bitched through a 5k once, but other than that I just don’t want to do it.


I’m a little girl, always have been.  I’ve always been a size zero, and just recently moved up to a 2.  That’s just how my body is.  I’ve been fortunate enough to eat pints of ice cream for breakfast and not put on weight.  I haven’t taken that for granted, I know I’m a lucky bitch in this case.  However, Sunday night hubby and I were watching Game of Thrones, and I saw something.  I saw this:


Seven Hells!  I don’t look like that, the gods are cruel. But I want to!  And I know people will say “Appreciate your body the way it is,” “you don’t have to look like some glamazon on TV.”

Yes, yes I do.  And I will, but it won’t happen if I finish that bag of Oreos I currently have hidden from Hubby.

So yesterday, I took my ass to the gym.  I started week 1, day 1 on the C25K program and it sucked.  Then I let Hubby show me how to work out my arms and I’m still mad at him for it.  It hurts, moving my arm hurts, typing hurts.  Everything hurts.  But tonight, I’m going to go back to do it again.  I probably should have started this months ago since I’m going to the beach next weekend, but oh well.  There’s no time like the present.  I’ll be there 5/7 days a week, every week, until I look like Missandei (I’m also oh, so jealous of her hair).

So if you need me in the evenings, this is where I’ll be.


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