Myrtle Beachin

So I’m back from Myrtle Beach and I’m colored again.

Hubby and I went on family trip 2 of 3 this past weekend, this time with his family.  We snagged a nice beachfront suite that we only slept in, but it was nice when we were there.  There’s something wonderful about sitting out on the balcony first thing in the morning watching the waves roll in.  Much relaxing, so peaceful.


I got to go hit the beach in my new swim suits that I purchased from Victoria’s Secret.  I was only asked if I was pregnant twice, so I’m feeling pretty awesome about myself.  But whateves, I threw on some red lipstick and went about my business because like the one true Bey says, “I’m flawless.”


But we had a great time.  I got to read A Clash of Kings while sitting on the beach drinking my drank.  Can’t top that.  I also got some much needed hugs and attention from my cousins, and did fun shit like go the the arcade and a mirror maze.


This is a reminder to the older Mica with 2.3 kids: arcades are the biggest rip off, seriously, don’t go.  I can’t even be mad at whoever came up with that idea because it’s so fucking genius.  A shit load of games with flashing lights and fun sounds for kids to get excited and beg their parents (or responsible older cousin) to play.  These games cost at least 25¢, for about 33 seconds of fun time.  And because you’re going with kids who want to do everything for themselves, you can’t take their turn to score all the points to win them more tickets.  And not all of the games give out tickets! WTF is that about?  Then these kids get to take their meager earnings to the ticket booth where they purchase a tiny piece of plastic made in China, or candy that will be eaten and/or dropped on the ground.  Candy that you could have purchased an entire bag of with what you spent on 3 games.  Kudos to whoever came up with this idea.


Luckily my arcade experience wasn’t quite like that because my kids (for the night, at least) were well behaved and awesome, not so for everyone else there.  We had a blast tho.  Hubby and I headed back to the hotel with two exhausted kids on our backs talking about the lost city of Atlantis, with two thankful grandmothers waiting for us.  Apparently one of the best gifts for a exhausted grown up kid ready for bedtime.

And finally, hubby and I got to fly the kite I got for the Cherry Blossom Festival (the kite day was cancelled twice due to rain).  But we got to literally take that bad boy out for a spin because we’re not flying diamond kites over here, we fly kites that spin.  It was beautiful and awesome and really easy to fly.  We loved it.  However, kids these days don’t give a shit about kites.  Their excitement and enthusiasm lasted about 1 minute, then they were off to cover themselves in sand.  I truly believe the adults enjoyed it more.  Cray.

TL;DR Beach. Tan.  Had fun. Kites are fucking awesome



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