Wednesday Confession: I’m So Tired


I’ve spent the past three weekends traveling.  To Kansas City, Myrtle Beach, then finally Atlanta.  Last weekend was the McClung family reunion.  There was family and cake, so it was great.  I love my family and I’m so glad I got to see (almost) everyone there together.  I was even convinced to go out after midnight, if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.  Below is a pic of our cake with our family crest.  Yes, we have a crest because we’re classy like that.



Now, we’re preparing for our move this Saturday.  Not to be dramatic but OMG THIS IS THE WORST FUCKING THING EVER I HATE THIS.  For serious, moving sucks.  I wish I had just one weekend to pack, but I only have this week after work.  So there’s no time for anything else, including cooking.  I had wine for dinner.  Cersi wouldn’t have a problem with this but that is seriously not ok.  But I put on my big girl panties and started packing anyways.  Have my closet mostly cleaned out, 4 wardrobe boxes worth of stuffs.  As I tackle the ginormous amount of laundry on the floor it goes straight into a box, hopefully it won’t smell like cardboard, but I won’t hold my breath.  Also, instead of traditional cardboard boxes that you have to fold and tape and pack just so, we got Repax bins.  They’re plastic, so I don’t feel like I’ve destroyed an entire family of trees, and they fold together nicely and stack on top of each other.  I got 25 big ones for the price of about 30 medium cardboard boxes, so I’m happy.  They also encourage unpacking in a timely manner since I only have them for one week.  But yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m in the deepest of the seven hells, and I don’t think I’ll be free for a while.  And I feel like I’m forgetting something… Guess I’ll find out at the last minute.


Another thing I hate: car shopping, and cars in general.  I don’t like driving, traffic, car maintenance, insurance, car salesmen, or anything else car related.  I’m a born-again city girl, I like the metro and walking and spending money on food instead of gas.  But Hubby’s new job is not metro accessible, so we’re looking from something to get him from A to B, without spending too much money.  Because what’s the point of getting a higher paying job if all of your money goes towards a car you only use for 1 hour in each day?  Makes no damn sense.  I do not understand the country’s obsession with cars, not one bit.


How I really feel about moving and cars and this week in the words of my dear La La…


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