2014 Goals




There are 4.5 months left in 2014 and I plan on making the best of them.  I want the time that’s not spent at work or sleeping to be used to better myself.  So I’m posting some goals for the rest of 2014 (and beyond) here and will update my progress as the year progresses.  So let’s begin:
[ep_highlight type=”custom” bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#f15f74″]Operation: Get My Sexy On[/ep_highlight]

[ep_highlight type=”custom” bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#f15f74″]Operation: Happy Home[/ep_highlight]

  • Cook lunch and dinner for each week (with at least one vegetarian meal)
  • Keep apartment clean / create cleaning schedule
  • 1) Go through wardrobe 2) Buy only versatile, quality pieces (“What I bought” posts are in my future)

[ep_highlight type=”custom” bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#f15f74″]Operation: Get My Life Together[/ep_highlight]

  • Pay off all credit cards by Christmas
  • Take at least 1 course required for a certificate in Lactation Consulting
  • Have a basic understanding of French by Christmas

[ep_highlight type=”custom” bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#f15f74″]Et Cetera[/ep_highlight]

  • Take one picture every day
  • Take the stairs & walk the escalators
  • Read more non-fiction books (Once I finish A Song of Ice and Fire)

So that’s it, at least what I can think of right now. I think they’re all pretty reasonable goals, things I can work up to without killing myself or my motivation.  These are all things I believe will make me look, feel, and be better.  I can get down with that.

Now that I know what I want to do, I need to focus on the how.  For the sake of time, I think my first update will include how I want to achieve these goals and what I’ve already done to get me there.  Wish me luck!


Oh, and since tomorrow is #ThrowbackThursday, I’ll update you with some of the things that have happened since the move 🙂


Au revoir!

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