Throwback Thursday: We Bought A Car…

…And I hated every second of it.


Before I get into the actual purchasing of the car, let me give you some background info.

I hate driving.  It’s boring, it’s mentally draining, and you can’t do anything while driving other than worry about the 194,428 fuckwads on the road with you.  No one acts as if they’re controlling a 2 ton machine made of metal.  I am not one of those people who love cars. I don’t give a shit about how many horses it takes to power your car or what rims you wasted your paycheck on.  Yes, I understand that for the people living in Suburbia cars are necessary to get everywhere since everything is at least a 30 min drive away.  But when people dream of tricking it out and having one for every day of the week, (I’m looking at you, Justin Bieber) that’s just stupid AND a waste of money.

Which is why I loved DC when I moved here.  Living in the city, you don’t have to drive! You can a) walk b) take the bus c) take the train or d) take a taxi.  With any of those options I can read, talk on the phone, play my gameboy, or do a crossword puzzle without fear of running into and killing someone.  I can’t do any of those things while driving.  It’s also cheaper than owning a car.  I spend approximately $120/month on public transportation to and from work and where ever else I need to go.   That’s a lot less than what it would cost for car payments + insurance + gas + parking + maintenance.  Which is why I was thrilled when Hubby and I decided to sell our car last year.  I continued to take the metro to/from work and Hubby took the train, which was subsidized by his job (because they were already lacking parking spaces).  Metro  > Driving.


This all worked out great until Hubby got a new job in Nowheresville, Virginia.  Great opportunity, shitty location.  This new job is also the reason for the move.  The work site is not accessible by public transportation, and living in DC would mean an hour commute.  Moving to Arlington brings the commute time to 30 mins, but we still needed a car.

So the week after we moved, we set out to find a suitable vehicle for Hubby’s commute.  You know what? It’s hard buying something when you don’t know what you want.  We had exactly no preference for make, model, color.  What mattered was gas mileage, price, and if we could resell that bitch in a few years because we have no plans on keeping it.  I cared even less than Hubby, because he’s the one using it 5 days a week.

We decided on a hatchback for our spontaneous Costco trips, and were looking at either a Ford Fiesta or Kia Rio, which are pretty much the same car.  Using the car buying service with our bank, we found a great used car at a great price.  Too great of a price.  If something is too good to be true, it probably is.  We traveled almost an hour out to this dealership to look at this car.  It looked nice, drove fine, and only had 32,000 miles and we still under warranty.  But it smelled like a goddamned ash tray.


Neither Hubby nor I smoke and we both had headaches after taking that car for a test drive.  We were both pissed.  Yes, we probably should have asked if it was previously owned by a smoker and we’ll remember that from now on, but I wish the dealer would have let us know beforehand.  I was never getting back in that car no matter how many shampoo services or air fresheners they threw in.  Fuck that.  Since we rode the metro and took a shuttle to the dealer, we were kind of stranded.  Sick of the process we walked to the nearest Kia dealer and asked to see what they had available.  Since we couldn’t decided who would be the good and bad cop.  I was both.  I laid down a little southern charm and dropped the price a bit and got some free oil changes.We spent about 5 hours at the dealer before driving off in a new 2014 Kia Rio, that I’ve driven only twice thus far.



Mission accomplished


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