I Do It For the Cupcakes

One of my goals for this year is to get my body back in shape.  That means eating healthier, and getting active. Hubby and I already eat pretty sound diets, with the exception of the pints of cookie butter everything, but there’s always room for improvement.  I’ve also never been a physically active person.  I BS’ed my way through high school gym, and could never seem to find a reason to workout once I graduated.  Even when I did go, it was sporadic and didn’t last long.  Maybe a week, then it was time to quit again.


Not this time, I have a plan AND a schedule.

I need schedules, when I know what’s on the schedule for the week I can prepare myself for it.  I know it’s coming, I can get ready and it will be easier to deal with then.  (This is also why I often spoil TV shows and books for myself).  For example: “You have to run tonight, Mica, so you can’t eat Five Guys cause you’ll feel like shit.” So I eat something better and deal with it.  Though no matter what I tell myself, I always end up looking like this:


My week:

  • Monday: Body Pump class then Run
  • Tuesday: Off – French Class
  • Wednesday: Run
  • Thursday: Run and/or Yoga
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Run
  • Sunday: Off

This is what I’ve found works for me.  I have off days evenly spaced throughout the week and I have varied exercises – weight lifting for strength and yoga for strength and flexibility.  I like the group classes at my gym because they’re different, they switch up the music and they lie to me when they say we’re “almost through with this set” which I’m gullible enough to believe so that I push through.  Afterwards I feel sore and great, proud even. I don’t believe that a “workout high” is a real thing, but I give myself a nice pat on the back and say “Fuck yeah, I did that.”


I’m seeing some more definition in my arms, which is cool, but not why I’m doing this.  I’m also noticing being able to stretch deeper, which is also pretty cool.  I’m not a fan of the yoga class at the gym, so I usually do it at home with a DVD and Sebastian laying at the end of my mat.  There’s a I new yoga studio opening up 1 block away in a few weeks, so I’ll try a few classes there once it opens.  I’ve also challenged myself to walk up any escalators I come across and take the stairs in lieu of taking an elevator.  I’m no longer wheezing when I climb the escalator at the Dupont Circle or L’enfant Plaza metro stations, which is a clear sign that whatever I’m doing works.


And because I’m a super professional runner now, I got fitted for running shoes and I run 3-4 days/week 😉  I’m doing a Couch to 5k Program (C25k) which is awesome- it pushes me to run more each day without killing myself.  My first real 5k is this Saturday, and I’d like to run at least half of it.  We’ll see what happens, but I’m aiming to keep it under 45 mins, then follow it up with a cupcake.  Because that’s how I end every single run – with a cupcake.  There’s a local bakery two doors from my apartment, and they make some delicious treats (cakes, puddings, ice cream sandwiches, macaroons, cookies).  So on my way home from the gym or my run, I pop in and try a new flavor.  I’ve tried almost all of them, but now that they’re rolling out their fall cupcakes I have more to try.  That’s all the motivation I need.

I’ve already registered for a 10k in November so the workouts don’t stop after this weekend.  I want to keep going to keep myself healthy.  I want my heart, lungs, bones to all be strong and this is how’s it’s done.


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