Oui , je parle français!

Well, at least a little bit.

I’ve always been interested in languages.  I took Latin in high school, Arabic in college, and Spanish at the Dora Academy 😉 I also know some survival phrases in Romanian.  However, the only language I’m fluent in is English, and I would like to change that.

Although I have solid Latin foundation, I haven’t had any luck learning Spanish, possibly because I’ve never actually taken a Spanish class.  I suppose I could if I wanted, and I think that will be the language I learn after French.

I love France.  I got to spend a few days in Paris a few years ago and I’ve been dying to go back.  I love the food, the atmosphere, the architecture, the people, the music, and the language.  They’re all so beautiful!  Before my trip, a good friend and I practiced basic French skills using Pimsleur Audio books.  These books are fantastic for pronunciation, something I need to work on.  I still have the audio files and I listen to them occasionally around the house while cleaning. **They’re best used at home in the car, since you’ll be talking to yourself a lot.  You can’t really get the best out of these by just listening to them on the metro.

As one of my goals is to learn French, and since I’m hoping to go back for a longer vacation, I enrolled in French lessons!



I’m taking classes through Fluent City every Tuesday.  My teacher’s primary language is French, but she’s been living in the states for a while and speaks fantastic English.  Basically, I want my French to eventually be as good as her English.

Our class started with about 15 students, then dropped down to about 6-8 each week, which I prefer.  It sucks for those who paid for the class and didn’t show up, but it left more speaking opportunities and attention for the rest of us.  With only 2 hours each week in class, it was nice to be able to practice pronunciation and get feedback.

I just finished the first course and will start on my second in a few weeks.  I’ll take this time in between to review what I’ve learned so far in preparation of class.  It’s not cheap, but it’s a worthwhile investment in myself.

One day I will go back to France, and I’ll be able to do more than order an cheese omelet.

Bonne journée!

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