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Back in August I decided to challenge myself to set some goals to better myself.  I thought they were pretty reasonable and I did what I could, probably not my best, but I did try.  Here’s an update on what I did and didn’t do, and my excuses for not doing it.

Operation: Get My Sexy On

I did complete the Clarendon Day 5k.  Afterwards, I didn’t run for a month which would have been fine if I hadn’t already registered for the 10k in November.  I’m not sure why I thought I could upgrade from a 5k to 10k in 8 weeks by not running, but I did.  That was dumb.  I ended up wasting that money and sleeping in on race day. However, I did the Gobble Jog in Marietta on Thanksgiving morning.  I got to do something physical, donate money to charity, and eat whatever I wanted guilt free because I fucking ran a 5k.  And the yoga?  I just didn’t do it because I suck.  I have a mat, block, strap, and DVDs but still couldn’t carve my ass out of the couch for 1 hour a week.  Pathetic.  I’ve also been waiting on a yoga studio 1 block away to open up.  It hasn’t.  It was scheduled to open in October but the building is still an empty shell.  I have a week pass that I’ll use once their ready, but I’m on my own until then.

Score: 1.5/3  Yes, I did give myself half a point for the Gobble Jog

Operation: Happy Home

  • Cook lunch and dinner for each week (with at least one vegetarian meal)
  • Keep apartment clean / create cleaning schedule
  • 1) Go through wardrobe 2) Buy only versatile, quality pieces (“What I bought” posts are in my future)

Cooking weekly I can do.  I’ve been pretty good about packing my breakfast and lunch for work with only a few slip-ups.  I usually packed baked oatmeal and a hard boiled egg for breakfast and a soup for lunch.  Soups are super easy because they only need one pot to cook, and you can stretch out with rice or extra beans.  Cheap, filling, and tasty.

Also, I’ve slowly been going through my wardrobe.  Things I haven’t worn (or don’t want to) have been donated.  Then I spent way too much money at Banana Republic.  Seriously, that place is my jam- great clothes, can be worn for work or dressed down, and I can almost always find a coupon  I’ve got some great pieces like this shirt, this dress, and these pants.  They’re all good quality and I’m hoping to get a few years of wear out of them.  I also did a wee bit of black Friday shopping and snagged some fleece leggins and sweaters.  It’s getting cold out there y’all.

Nothing has happened to the apartment.  It looks like we’ve been visited by miniature tornadoes or small children (is there a difference?).   This place looks thoroughly lived in, and I’m kinda ok with that.  It’s not so bad that I’d be embarrassed to let in the cable guy, but not good enough for my mother to visit.  The last thing I want to do after I get home from work is to clean (work) some more.  And who wants to spend their weekends stuck in the house cleaning?  Not me.  So I don’t.  I want to do better, and I’m changing some habits.  I’ll get there eventually.

Score: 2/3

Operation: Get My Life Together

  • Pay off all credit cards by Christmas
  • Take at least 1 course required for a certificate in Lactation Consulting
  • Have a basic understanding of French by Christmas

We have not paid off all of our credit cards.  We’re trying.  Next week, I’ll go into that some more.  Where we are, how we got there, and what’s were doing to fix that.  So there’s that.

Now I haven’t talked much about becoming a certified lactation consultant.  I have a post that I’ve started about the whys and the hows, and I’ll also post that one later.  It’s Christmastime, everyone’s busy, and I doubt anyone will read it now.  So I’ll post it at the beginning of the year along with some new goal.  I will however, share that I actually achieve this goal.  I even got myself a fancy certificate for it. See!


I took this class online through Lactation Education Resources.  This counts as 3 of 4 required continuing education courses for the IBLCE.  But more on that later.  I promise.  Point is, I did it, and there’s the proof.

I’ve also been taking French classes, which I discussed here.  I’m in the second level now, and learning quite a bit.  When I can, I listen to French music, watch movies, and I’m struggling through a French romance book on my kindle.  So I’m going to say I’ve got this one down.

Score: 2/3 because cleaning sucks

Et Cetera

  • Take one picture every day
  • Take the stairs & walk the escalators
  • Read more non-fiction books (Once I finish A Song of Ice and Fire)

My plan was to take awesome pictures every day and post them to instagram.  Didn’t happen.  I ended up sending random pictures of my hair fails to my best friends and taking approximately 157,395 pictures of my cats.  I think I’m going to drag out my real camera and keep it with me- maybe see if I can get a smaller one.  I also want to take photography classes.  I’ve got a million setting on my camera and I’m not sure what any of them do.  Finally, I need to get out more.  It’s hard to get pictures even I find interesting between work and home.

I did stick to my plan of walking the escalators and taking the stairs.  The only elevator I use is the one at my apt because it’s out of the way a bit.  I’m no longer wheezing when I get to the top of the escalator at L’enfant plaza, so I’ve got that going for me.  It’s also faster.  I’ve always been a fast walker and this just gets me places even faster.

It took months, but I finally finished A Song of Ice and Fire, at least what’s out right now.  George needs to get on that.  Awesome books, I love reading all the thoughts of my favorite characters.  You can’t get that stuff on TV.  Since then I’ve read Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife and Birth Matters: How What We Don’t Know About Nature, Bodies, and Surgery Can Hurt Us.  I figure that if I’m going to read nonfiction, I might as well read something that will be of some use to me later.  I read them to help decide if getting into well mother and baby care is right for me.  We’ll see.

Score: 2/3


Pretty much, Jennifer.  Pretty much.  I am going to do this again next year, and make them more realistic, and more measurable.  Here’s hoping I don’t fuck that one up either.

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