Heathens Love Christmas too

At least this one does.

Food, family, and fun are all things I can get down with.  Most of the traditions are pagan anyways so the hubs and I don’t stress about it.  We look forward to playing Santa with our future nuggets to see how long it takes them to figure everything out.  I remember noticing as a kid that Santa’s handwriting looked identical to my mom’s, and once I even found my presents before Christmas morning.  Did that ruin Christmas for me? No, I played along – I left cookies out for my dad and was always super excited with whatever I got.  Except that year Christmas was “cancelled.”  That sucked, life happens, but you get over it.  I remember that every year, which makes it super easy to be appreciative of whatever I do get.

Christmas at my folk’s house has always been pretty low key.  We decorated the tree with rainbow lights and homemade ornaments.  My parents gave us each money so we could get something for everyone else, because that’s what it was about.  It’s different that my brothers and I all adults.  Now we have a grown up tree with white lights and coordinating ornaments.  And with the ban on extraneous spending, no gifts were given this year, nor were they expected.  We purchased plane tickets to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we figured our presence would be gift enough.  Not conceited at all.

Also, since we only get to see our friends when we go to Atlanta, Chad and I hosted an ugly sweater dinner using our allotted grocery money for the week.  We made duck, cornish hens, roasted sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts with bacon.  I took a risk and made all these for the first time, and will make these again now that I know how easy it was.  Everyone said they enjoyed it.  So they either lied to protect my feelings or it really was good. I have great friends.  We played Taboo, talked, and it was awesome.  We stayed up talking till 3am, well past my bedtime, but it was worth it since it’ll probably be a while before I see them again.

Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close together, and it gets expensive flying back to Atlanta, we’ll probably only go back for Thanksgiving from now on.  #1: my mom makes the best Thanksgiving dinner ever, #2: if/when we have kids, Santa has to come to our house because duh.  I hate decorating at home to be gone during Christmas.  I want a real tree, and that will be wasted if we leave it for a week.  I’m looking forward to really decorating next year, wherever we are.


I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, and Spectacular Solstice.

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