2015 Goals

Because I like getting shit done.

I pretty much bombed completing my goals for 2014, but I did manage to accomplish some things.  For that reason, I’m going to set some new goals for 2015.  A few are essentially rollovers from last year, but others are new.  I figure that if I can get at least half my list done then I’ve accomplished something.  So here it is.


Get My Sexy On

  • New 5k PR (35:35:05)
  • Complete a 10k
  • Get my hair trimmed every 3 months and deep condition every week

Happy Home

  • Pay off all credit card debt by June 1st
  • Cook, coupon, and menu plan every week
  • Keep apartment clean

Get My Life Together


I figured this would be enough, it’s measurable and attainable.  I still want to do things like blog 2x a week, add more yoga into my life, take more pictures, and walk/take the stairs more.  However, there’s no point that I can say “I did that” and cross it off my list.  The same for keeping my apartment clean, but I like having that on my list.  And since it’s actually not clean, and my goal is to keep it clean, I need to get to work.

let's do this

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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