Mini IKEA Makeover

Last week, while checking to see that I hadn’t gone over my vacation hours for the year, I discovered that I had enough “use or lose” time to take the whole week off.  So I did.  I had a couple of days to myself that I used to re-watch Game of Thrones in my underwear and eat grilled cheese sandwiches all day long.  Time well spent.

Once the new year rolled around I stroked out and started cleaning everything.  Every article of clothing in the apartment is clean, bathroom scrubbed down, and floors swept and mopped.  I even took the time to organize our dresser drawers and match my husband’s 1,456 pairs of socks.


I then took some time to straighten up the living room, but no matter what I did, it didn’t look clean.  So… hubbs suggested that we eventually get doors on our bookshelves to hide what’s inside.

You may remember that we are currently under an “extraneous spending freeze,” which is kind of a problem because I wanted that shit done right then.  On the rare occasion that I do get in the mood to clean, I want to get everything done at once so I can be done and enjoy the rest of my time.

Hubbs was willing to roll with it if it didn’t change the budget for the month, so I significantly cut our grocery spending.  We have a nicely stocked pantry from couponing that we will rely on for the next 2 weeks.  I made a pot of chilli for the week using canned veggies and beans from the pantry and some ground turkey that was hanging out in the freezer.  I also found 2 cans of pumpkin that I used to make baked oatmeal.  I spent about $17 at Trader Joes on snacks for the week (apples, oranges, bananas, celery, peanut butter), milk, and a few extra cans of beans for the chili.  Next week, I’ll do the same.

Doing this meant that we could go to IKEA! YAY, NEW THINGS!


We drove to the IKEA in Woodbridge and went straight though the back.  I didn’t want to walk through the show room because I didn’t want to seen things I couldn’t get, and I didn’t want to waste time.  We grabbed 2 Kallax black/brown double drawers for the tv stand, and 8 birch doors for the bookshelves.  Then, because I’m the IKEA master, I put everything together at home all by myself.


A year ago, our TV stand use to look like this.


But then I “hacked” it to accommodate a larger TV.  Also, the big unit just made our small apartment feel smaller, so I got rid of the upper half.


Kitty pics, because I can.

Finally, Before & After.  It’s amazing the difference a few drawers and doors make.


That’s how I spent my New Year’s Vacation.  Cleaning, organizing, and making our apartment feel more like home.  Now if only I can keep it looking this way…




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