The Long Wait

I’m not a very patient young grasshopper.  But right now, waiting is about the only thing the hubbs and I can do.


We submitted the last of his grad school applications back in January, and we started this process damn near six months ago.  *I say ‘we’ since I’ve been writing, proofing, and freaking out right along with Hubbs*  I thought the time between submitting the last application and waiting for responses would be a breeze, but I’m on pins and needles over here, and I’m not even the one going to school!  The closer we get to mid-March, the more anxious I become.

Hubbs has applied to 9 schools along the east coast, and 5 of these schools would require a move.  And while we’d both hate leaving the few friends we have here, I think we’re excited about a possible change in scenery.  I love DC, but I want to see what else is out there.  I enjoy exploring new cities, and it would be nice to get a fresh start now that I’ve finally figured out who I am and what I want to be.  I’m hoping that we’ll start receiving admissions responses next week.

Until then, I’ll be reading and binge watching tv to pass the time.  It’s not really helping, but it’s something to distract myself.

Empire is one of my new favorite things.  I thought it would be something to hate watch, but I genuinely enjoy it.  While I absolutely hate Hakeem, including his face and all of the music he does (drip drop? come on people), Taraji as Cookie is everything, and I am solidly #TeamJamal.


Also, if you’re my friend on Facebook, you know that I’m also currently obsessed with Empress Ki.  It’s a South Korean drama about a concubine who became Empress to Toghon Temür of the Yuan dynasty back in the 1300s.  It’s historical-ish, interesting, funny, drama filled, and well done.  This show is my favorite thing to watch on the weekends.


Hubbs and I think that Jamal from Empire and Tal Tal from Empress Ki look alike.  Now I just call them both Jamal because it makes life easier.


Amirite?! It’s all I see now.


But this is how I’ve been living these last few weeks.  Later I’ll update you on where Hubbs was accepted, and where we’re going.  I’ll also be thinking of a new nickname for Hubbs because “Hubbs” is starting to annoy me, I’m leaning towards Stinkbrain.  Suggestions?

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