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I mentioned that StinkBrain was awarded a fellowship, but I didn’t mention which one.  We were waiting for realization to set it and for things to be a bit more final.  Now I can share all most of the details!

SB was selected as a 2015 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellow!


While I’m not sharing any information that can’t be found on their website here, I can tell you what that means for us.

Right now, that means that SB has been awarded a $20k scholarship for his Masters, as well as a $15k living stipend.  This has allowed him to choose a program that fits him and his career goals, instead of the program that is the cheapest.  It’s also given us more financial security since the stipend will cover housing expenses for a year.  Neither of us wanted him to work while he was in school (especially me, no one wants a grumpy husband), and this affords him the opportunity to completely focus on his studies – which is good since he’s required to maintain a 3.2GPA.

StinkBrain also has a Congressional internship this summer.  We’re not sure who he’ll be working for or which committee he’ll be on, but he’s super excited.  This is a great opportunity to see how Congress influences foreign policy and to meet some of our congressmen.  We’ll also be able to commute together since I work pretty close to the Capitol, so that’s pretty sweet.

The summer between his first and second year of school, he’ll be interning an US Embassy abroad.  There, he’ll get hands-on knowledge of US foreign policy and experience working at an Embassy to experience the life of a Foreign Service Officer.


Which brings me to my last point:

Upon completion of his Masters, StinkBrain will receive an appointment to the US Foreign Service.

This was the goal in attending grad school and applying to the Rangel Fellowship in the first place.  SB has been working towards the Foreign Service for the last few years.  He has taken the Foreign Service Officer Test and passed previously, but he was not invited back to interview after he submitted his personal narrative.  Had he not been selected for the Rangel, we would have both taken the FSOT in June, and continue trying until one of us got it.  That’s how much we both have wanted this.

We’ve had a lot of discussions to get to this point.  Life as a Diplomat and Diplo-spouse means years living away from the US and our families, but it also means we’ll be living out our dreams.  We love traveling and have done our share independently and together.  Now, instead of short trips overseas, we’ll be able to immerse ourselves into different cultures for 2-3 years at a time.  SB loves policy and international affairs, so this is his dream come true.  Every day we talk about where we want to go, what we want to do, and what our future looks like.  It’s pretty bright right now.

Life in the Foreign Service will be different, and sometimes challenging, but we’re looking forward to it.  It’s a great opportunity for us that we are embracing wholeheartedly.  It will be 2 years before we enter the Foreign Service, so we’re going to take things one at a time.

So excited to share this news with you all!


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