We’re Going to Princeton!

The pro/con lists and spreadsheets have spoken!

Stinkbrain is taking his talents to Princeton University.

Princeton recently held a hosting weekend for admitted students and SB and I both took time off work to go visit.  We got to meet current faculty and students to answer some key questions we had about the university.  We also got to meet students that will be entering with SB in the fall.  Everyone I met challenged my thought that Ivy league people were stuffy and rude.  Everyone was so kind, and so different, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again in August.  The school is pretty small so I’m sure we’ll see a lot of each other later.

Also, there were very few admits who came with a +1 or a family.  I will be one of a few spouses living on campus but I wasn’t treated like an outsider.  I’ll have a lot of the same resources available to me as a student so I’ll be inserting myself into as many lectures and events as possible.  Why not?

she doesn't even go here2

This is a decision we both came to easily.  We were both leaning prettily heavily towards Princeton and concluded that it would be the right fit for us both after our visit.  The class size, financial aid, on-campus housing, and resources for both SB and me were what lured us in.  Princeton is a pretty small town, which will allow SB to focus on school without the many distractions that come with living here in DC.  But it’s also a short, $30 train ride to NYC and I’m excited to take day trips to the city.

There’s still five (ugh) months before we begin to pack up our things, but I’m looking forward to calling Princeton home.

Oh, I got to listen to Michael Skolnik and a couple of other pretty awesome people discuss a “Post Ferguson” society.  Pretty cool.


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