Let’s Catch Up – Pt 1

Vacation pictures! and a quick recap our trip 🙂

In August, StinkBrain and I took a much needed vacation to Seattle, Yosemite, and San Francisco.  With the exception of the horrid dry heat and allergy attack in Yosemite, we had a fantastic time.  In Seattle we explored Capitol Hill and Pike’s Place Market, went whale watching, and ate the best Asian food ever, seriously.  Yosemite was beautiful, yet bone dry.  The second I got off the bus I could feel my sinuses dry and was immediately attacked by nature; pollen, dust, everything.  I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t breathe, and had horrible nosebleeds – I didn’t have the greatest time there.  Once we got to San Francisco, the ocean air fixed me up and I could enjoy the coast.  We took a day trip up to Napa, toured Alcatraz, and again, had some great Asian food.  We likes to eat.

Also, we traveled by train between each stop.  I highly recommend taking an scenic train ride at least once.  Our first leg brought us through Washington, Oregon, and north Cali along the Coastal Starlight route.  We met a couple on holiday from Australia, who were really fun to talk to.  The second leg took us through the Rockies to Colorado.  The views here were gorgeous, besides being mooned a few times (that’s still a thing, apparently).  The train mostly followed the Colorado river and there were plenty of people running, fishing, kayaking, and just hanging out along the river.  That’s what you do in Colorado, and I ain’t even mad.

Overall, the trip was great, but short.  I enjoyed my time with Stinkbrain and got to eat great food and play with my camera. I have no complaints.


Next, I’ll cover everything that’s been happening since we got back and my excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging like I want.

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