Let’s catch up – pt 2

A whole lotta school’s been happening.  For StinkBrain and for me, but mostly Stinkbrain.

The day we got back to DC from vacation is the day we moved to Princeton.  All of our belongs were in storage so all we had to do was pick up Sebastian and Squeaks and boogie on up to Princeton.  The first few weeks were a blur.  There were boxes everywhere, a couple of trips to Costco and IKEA, and we were both trying to figure out this thing that is New Jersey.

Then school started and I had to go back to work and shit got real, quick.  For StinkBrain, it’s grad school, it’s supposed to be challenging, right?  He’s doing great but the workload is heavy and the hours long, I haven’t seen much of him lately.  Thankfully, he’s wrapping up with his midterms now and has a week off, so he’s got some much deserved chill time coming up.


I’ve also gone back to school too!  I’m taking online classes with North Virginia Community College to get some courses required for my Lactation Consultant certification.  I’m currently taking Anatomy/Physiology and Sociology.  I don’t remember online classes being so demanding before, but these classes are needy.  Lots of busy work I don’t think I would have in a traditional class.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.  I’ve been balancing my time working from home with school, in addition to making sure that 3 other living creatures stay alive.  I thought working from home and taking classes would be a breeze, but it’s proving to be otherwise.  Once I get up, get set at my computer, check some emails, drink my coffee, it’s noon. NOON.  I don’t understand this, time never went by this fast when I had to go to an office every morning.  I’ve been trying to schedule and manage my time, but anyone who knows me knows that it’s a fool’s mission.  But fool that I am, I keep trying.  I’ll figure this thing out.

The other thing about being home all the time is that I’m home all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being home.  I’m an antisocial hermit and totally down with that, but I find myself getting bored more often than I would like.  So I’m going to get back into baking.  It’s something I love doing, wish I did more often, is pretty cheap, and is something I can do at home.  Also, I have a willing pool of taste-testers in the form of SB’s classmates.  One reason I didn’t bake much before is that I didn’t want the responsibility of eating all of whatever I made.  Diabetes runs in my family and ain’t nobody got time fo that.  Now, I can simply cut me a slice or two, and give the rest away.  That way, I get to test out some new recipes, practice, and treat the stressed out population around me.

Basically, we’re trying here.

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