Unplanned Staycation

Last year was supposed to get off to a great start.  I had taken a week off of work, Stinkbrain was out on winter break, and we had an AirBnB booked in beautiful, warm Cartagena, Colombia.  After spending winter in Princeton, I was more than ready to get away.

Then this happened:

Flights were cancelled, roads were closed, and we were stranded in New Jersey.  We tried, and failed, to re-book our flights for an earlier or later time, to no avail.  Instead of drinking fruit juice on the beach we drank wine, baked cookies, and binge watched Narcos.

Other things you can do if/when you get snowed in:

  • Games! Board or video games
  • Painting or another craft
  • Clean, suddenly you have time for that thing you never have time for
  • Create a new recipe with food in your pantry
  • Treat yo self with a self spa – mani/pedi, bath, face mask

Since I work from home and I wasn’t going on vacation, I worked that week.  To distract ourselves from all the fun SB’s classmates (who left before the storm) were having, we had a mini staycation in New York.  We stayed at my new favorite hotel, the Citizen M, won the lottery for An American in Paris, and got lost within the maze of the American Museum of Natural history.  Not a beach, but better than nothing.  One day I’ll be able to post about me eating my weight in Colombian food…

I wasn’t at all prepared for this storm to come through and I’m glad I had some food stuffs in the house.  Since, I have started working on our “Uh-oh Bag.”  This bag contains things like bottles of water, space blankets, fire starters, flashlights, first aid kit, cat food, and batteries.

Do you have a preparedness/zombie apocalypse bag?  Or what are your favorite activities when you’re snowed in and missing vacation?

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