Home Sweet Arlington

We’re finally settled into our new apartment in Arlington, VA.

The drive up from Atlanta was… messy.  Sebastian had an accident that left me begging the techs at PetSmart if I could use one of their rooms to clean him up in.  This does not bode well for any overseas trips, so we’ll have to figure something out.  Squeaks quickly accepted her fate and gave up.  But we made here safely.

Our apartment is nice.  Its one block away from where we lived before we moved to Princeton.  It’s good to be back.  My favorite bakery is here and I haven’t had to drive once since we’ve arrived.  I prefer walkable areas so this location is great.

The apartment itself is awesome.  It’s furnished, which was a big help in moving.  It’s in an actual apartment complex but our room is furnished like an extended stay; we have some dishes, cookware, linens, and towels to get us started.  The complex has a pool, a pretty good fitness center, and small theater.  Best of all, it comes with a weekly cleaning service (Praise, Beyonce!) I see no problems living here for ___ months.

Also, StinkBrain has officially taken his oath and is now a Foreign Service Officer.  He’s currently in training, where he will be until Flag Day in late August.  I also get my own orientation too.  I have no idea what to expect on that front, but it’s an all day affair at the Foreign Service Institute.

With this new job, comes new responsibilities.  As this is a personal blog, I wont be talking about SB’s job or what he does or any of the politicking involved.  I will share how these things affect me personally.  Like, since I will have to occasionally dress like a grown woman I’ve started using TrunkClub – I’ll share more about that once I receive my first trunk.  We also receive our bid list soon so I can talk about where I want to go and what I’m looking for, but I’m not going to share the list.  And if you don’t know what a bid list is, check back later because I’ll be talking all about it.


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