Hello.  My name is Micaela, but you can call me Mica, and this is my blog. Welcome!

I currently live in Princeton, NJ with my husband, StinkBrain (SB),

wreck it ralph

and two fur babies, Sebastian and PipSqueak.


I work at an ABC organization as a program manager and SAS programmer/analyst.  I have a BS in Mathematics and will eventually return to school for something.

I love to travel.  I have been to France, Italy, Germany, Romania, and the Bahamas.  I’ll eventually add to this list once SB enters the Foreign Service in 2017.  I enjoy reading about philosophy and politics in between reading dirty novels.  I cook healthy-ish foods but can always be tempted with a Krispy Kreme doughnut.  I nap when I can because it’s awesome.

One word to describe me would be pragmatic.  I run on science and statistics and make a pro-con list for every life choice.  I also don’t make decisions based upon how I feel, unless that feeling is hungry.  Because of this, I’m atheist, or agnostic, or whichever bubble you want to put me in.  I don’t need some man in the sky to tell me what’s right or wrong, and Beyonce is the only angel I need.

Thank you for coming by.  I hope you enjoy my random musings and cat pics.  I’m sure this will be interesting for all involved.



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